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Continuous Deployment of runbooks

I have runbooks that are stored in source control which then get deployed to Azure Automation. The process of deploying them is rather cumbersome (basically a bunch of hand crafted Powershell scripts that call the Azure Automation cmdlets). It seems to me that there are going to be lots of people crafting the same kind of scripts - that's a lot of wheel-reinvention going on.
I'd like to see some features introduced that support quick and easy Continuous Deployment of runbooks (i.e. I check them into source control and they automatically get deployed to Azure Automation).

Some ideas:
-Support Continuous Deployment to an Azure Automation account from Dropbox & Visual Studio Online (i.e. the same which are supported for Azure websites)
-Package up a bunch of runbooks into a single deployable, portable, entity. In the SQL Server database world we have dacpacs for doing this, I'd like something analogous for Azure Automation runbooks. Lets call such a thing a "runpac" for now.
-"runpacs" should be supported on SMA too.
-Ability to "publish" a "runpac" into an Azure Automation account. The publish operation should be idempotent (i.e. if a runbook of the same name already exists, it gets replaced, otherwise it simply gets created). The publishing operation should report whether runbooks are created or replaced. There should be the ability to specify whether the runbooks therein are created as draft or published. etc... lots of possibilities if you were to implement this notion of "runpacs".

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Thanks for sharing these ideas with us! These are great ideas for us to look into.

As you mentioned we currently don’t integrate directly with Git or VSO, but you can get around this by creating your own custom scripts.

For others with similar questions who have not yet created custom PowerShell scripts:
1. Deployment from Visual Studio in SMA:
2. Deployment from Visual Studio Git:


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