How can the Azure portal be improved?

Properly monetize the Azure Portal technology

Let's face it. You've built the new portal architecture so that you can scale to ∞ services and you've done this by leveraging LESS, TypeScript and Knockout. You've also sandboxed the extensions development so that a single extension cannot go on and destroy the whole experience.

A lot of people already have requested you to open source the portal design. Also, you have clients using the portal who aren't satisfied because they can't quickly find what they're looking for or having all their key information they're looking for simply cannot be put in the same view.

So I urge you to consider the following steps.

Step 1, UI

1. Extract LESS, Markup and TypeScript out from the Azure Portal project
2. Open source it as a style guide in Github much like Bootstrap
3. Let the community report you issues and help fixing them

Stage 2, Extensions
1. Add option to the Windows Azure Pack to use the new portal design (still uses the old one)
2. Add ability to build your own custom extensions to the Windows Azure Pack Admin & Tenant
3. Open Source the Windows Azure Pack extension SDK in Github

Stage 3, Middleware
1. Build a minimal proof-of-concept application for the extension architecture with ASP.NET Core
2. Integrate the UI into the Application
3. Open source it

Stage 4, Azure Portal
1. Study what you learned from all of this and bring it all together
2. See what the community has come up with
3. Open Extensions marketplace for the real Azure Portal much like what you're doing in here:

Stage 5, Monetize

You have loads and loads of clients and you can't possibly satisfy everyone's needs in the world. Let people help you by being able to publish extensions through the Azure Marketplace. For free or for fee. Add integration points to Flow and Office 365.

And you are not the only one who's having the problem with multiple teams all pushing changes to the same multi tenant product. Showing a direction with your own ASP.NET Core technology on how to systematically work on a multi-tenant product which by design of architecture is a perfect fit for microservices architecture can only work as a motivation for new startups to adopt ASP.NET Core and Service Fabric. Now that the initial investment for proper architecture isn't such a monumental effort.

So please.

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