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The concept of the 'Small Worm evolution Service' has come from one young man in Lao PDR. Despite being from a poor family, he has developed this amazing concept and uses it to help his community. Started a few years ago, this young man has shown the community that anyone can change things by being effective and functioning efficiently within the community. Providing a voluntary service to a community was a novel concept to his students, who were surprised to see his vision to provide help to communities without any personal benefit. This website is not created to run any private business, it was created to help society absolutely. Small Worm evolution Service website is to provide services with honesty. Revenue from your support will be used for this noble community activity
It was a new concept to his students voluntarily to service such to provide help communities without having hoping to benefit personal immaculately heart. Over a period of almost 6 year of The sacrifice privacy The service by won sure is:
1.  Animal help care, Animal vaccination, Animal treatment and veterinary Service in community(See  Detail...)
2.    Provides insight skills of distribution and technical for improve animal husbandry system to population, smallholder and student those interested focus sure:
Training about The Basic techniques on veterinary (See Detail...).
Training about The Basic techniques on use and designs INCUBATOR For poultry hatching eggs(See Detail...)
Training about The Basic techniques on Building Supplements for improve the basic on animal husbandry system focus reduce Cost on production and develop to workshop(See Detail...).
 Training about The Basic techniques on Building Supplements for ruminant focus for helps to keep weight during on dry season(See Detail...).
Training about The Basic techniques on Building Supplements for improve the basic on animal husbandry system focus reduce Cost on production and develop to workshop(See Detail...).
Training about The Basic techniques on Building Supplements for ruminant focus for helps to keep weight during on dry season(See Detail...).
Training about The Basic techniques on designs animal husbandry system management in Agriculture integrated model, small Farm model, Livestock group model in community and including on the smallest marketing in community planning system managements(See Detail...). 
3.    Contribute to the implementation of learning – teaching of SAVANNAKHET University. The particularly, animal science  Department  in faculty of agriculture and envelopment (BSC Program) sure:
Opportunities for students to participate in activities in the field without paying fees paid. Can help contribution to learning and training in practical to the expertise(See Detail...).
Counseling technical courses, counseling technical on writing designs model research Proposal and the basic of technical on statistical analysis for sites included in the writing of dissertations out classroom(See Detail...).
And also,  has been promoted and have the many of activity to Joint mobility with Animal science Department  in faculty of agriculture and envelopment    SAVANNAKHET University for service to community. there are can be famous and being recognized by the people of all three communities surrounding the SAVANNAKHET university (PHON SAY village, NONSAVAND village Ana NASAENG village ). Especially is: " Establishment Animal help care Unit focus vaccination for  Ruminants and Animal treatment Unit of SAVANAKHET UNIVERSISTY ".
The "SMALL WORM EVOLUTION " is as the New Name, we are  Established to have call in a group. Is just the sacrifice by voluntary, and The participation Voluntary on activity of students among students Where the number increase  on every day.  We are the still to announcement identity on Official Because, we have limited of the budget and the still on equipment Comprehensive. The Our dream need to identity on Official for the were full on Activity A good example to generations of young human on future.
Does to the last year and last 2 year ago, in community has The outbreak of 2 Animal disease in Ruminants is: FMD and Black leg. It as affects to Health and animal life of population and Smallholder Especially the death of cattle and buffalo are younger than 1 year . my team and more group Voluntary student from has The full on help and also  SAVANNAKHET University have to support Academics& some Accessories on needed income to help. We are opened to service on worked all 24 h The claims of population and smallholder in sure area along with Planning with the Leaders of community for To control the Movement of Animal Out space. we are Can control the situation by used arrow 2-3 week of time. It’s Still relatively good. But, Inability of the losses occurred. However, All  population and smallholder in sure area, They are has The Pride in service and satisfaction in the effective of our work. So, they are have The show understanding on sure sacrifice and expressing Acknowledgements by used support the food in Every day of my team on work time along with the Have asked my team have activity to service for help support them throughout.
I’m Mr. CHOUNLAMUTY LATTANABANPHOT, I’m a young teach of SAVANNAKHET University in Lao PDR. Along with As a first founder of this service and As leaders of Team on activity. I’m Certify of that all result on writing In this article is All was true, I’m Asked to confirm with my honorable and dignity. On last time I have the sacrifices time and Personal budget is Have A little for driving of this activity. And in Current, of this activity has been to the face with big problem, It is about the budget To spend to continue this activity more next time. Therefore, I’m was established to build This website to Asks get support From among of donor, whether on behalf personal, office, organization, partner Or partner Or The funding to supports  In both government and private, Which created Inside and outside the country including international level. 
Pleas, Give consideration to the reasonable This website is not created to run any private business, which we created to help society absolutely.  Small Worm evolution Service website is as provide for every service with honesty. Revenue from your support whether the tools, equipment, vaccine, antiseptic, antibiotic,  facilities and convenient  Including The budget, overall All have values and meaning an important is to be used for the activity to higher of effective and Sustainability of this activity.

Sep 2016

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