How can the Azure portal be improved?

The selected directory is lost all the time.

The selected directory is lost all the time.

In half a dozen scenarios, the selected directory is lost, causing all sorts of trouble throughout the portal.
1. When you timeout and click "reload".
2. When the portal opens a new tab to get you into the SCM portal. This occurs from multiple places when configuring an Azure WebSite.
3. When you ctrl-click a link to open something in a new tab to have two copies of the portal open.
4. When you open a second copy of the portal by copy/pasting the URL.
5. A few more scenarios I've found throughout the portal...

What's worse is whenever this happens, it forces a re-login for some reason (not sure why).

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  • joe brockhaus (rax) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If you leave the portal open for some time, eventually you'll either time out, or get a message that updates are ready and you should reload. In both cases you are told your work (open blades) was saved.

    In my case, I've got access to multiple directories.
    When prompted to reload, however, the Default Directory is almost always loaded.

    The portal then sees that I was navigated to a particular blade (it's in the querystring), but fails to switch me to the correct Directory first, so when the blade finally loads, it's a "you don't have access to this resource" error blade.

    I say almost always, because sometimes the directory context is not lost. If I were to guess, this only happens when I'm prompted to reload because updates are available, thus my login token context for the directory is not lost.

    As a workaround, if I'm fast enough when the portal reloads, I can click my username, select the correct directory, and as long as the redirectUrl for the previously-open blade is still in the URL, it will switch Directories and reload the correct asset.

  • Josh Mouch commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    First I should say that this was working pretty well about a month ago. But now it's not.

    Just in general, the timeout behavior when you have multiple directories available leaves something to be desired.
    I'll click the "reload" button that is popped up, then it'll prompt me to log in again (which it shouldn't), then takes me to a different directory than I was on previously, then when I change back to the directory I was on before I was timed out, it prompts me to log in again.

    I could probably tell you what's going on if I looked into it more, but just in general, the behavior isn't great. It seems like every directory switch requires a new login.

  • Tim VanFosson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have a subscription for my MSDN account as well as access to a couple of client subscriptions. If I leave the portal inactive for a significant period of time, say overnight, I am automatically logged out. Using the workflow to log in I am taken back to the last subscription I was added to, not the subscription that I was using. This also happens when a portal upgrade is available. It claims to be saving my work and does seem to present me with the same resources that were open before the upgrade, but in the last subscription I was added to, not the subscription I was in. In this case I get access errors (see attached).

    Expected behavior: When logging in or upgrading, the portal should take me back to the subscription that I was last using.

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