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Please reconsider the new DB pricing tiers

Please reconsider the new DB pricing tiers. We have been using a 10 GB Business DB for almost 4 years and have been very happy with its performance. Last week we moved to the new Tiers since Web/Business will be deprecated in the future. We tried S1, S2 etc eventually we had to move to P2 to get the same level of performance.

That was over a 3X price increase for something we've been using for almost 4 years.

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One more update here.

A couple of folks reach out after my last post, and I’d encourage everyone else that’s concerned or adding comments to do the same here.

For this update I did want to highlight a couple of 3rd part comments on Elastic Database Pools and their experience upgrading from Web/Business

It would be good to understand your scenario in more details. While we understand that a small subset of customers may be asked to pay more for their resource consumption, this isn’t the common use case.

For those of you who are facing large increases in your monthly bill as a result of moving from Web/Business (where we charge on DB size) to Basic/Standard/Premium single or elastic DBs I am always willing to listen to the specifics.

We do think the new service tiers, with their new features and predictable performance, offer great price performance for SQL databases in the cloud. We specifically made these changes as a result of customer feedback (that performance needed to be predictable)

I’d be happy to engage offline with more details.

I would ask that you reach out to me rather than post here if you want a response.

Thanks Guy


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  • d86s commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Until now we paid 50$ for Web Edition and now we have to order P1 tier for 930$ per month to get the same performance. 930/50 = 18 times more expensive... Microsoft says that the new tiers deliver better predictability in performance, but to me the previous predictability was more than enough and I never experienced any problems with it.

  • d86s commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Price increase is huge! We have to pay more than 15x times more for new tiers. Microsoft should reverse this change and left Web/Business editions including Federations, which they want to remove from SQL Azure.

  • Gary Barclay commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have been using the SQL Azure Business databases but the site is so busy and some core stored procedures have calculations involved that it has been unable to cope. I experimented with S1, S2 & P1 and have since upgraded to P1. Unfortunately I have seen little to no benefit of this - despite the 8x higher cost! S2 was nowhere near good enough.

    Please reconsider the resources allocated to these new database tiers as they look like a disaster waiting to happen!

  • Taylor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The premium prices definitely make it unattractive for people to adopt SQL Database. Charging on a daily basis is also a deal breaker because customers will be paying for what they don't use if they dial down or remove a premium database within the same day. I'd like Microsoft to rethink their approach to the new pricing model otherwise they will create so many unhappy customers.

  • azuresqlbecometooexpensive commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The price $7.44 per GB is only if you need all 500GB. Our databases are very small but we make a lot of transactions per second. In this scenario price increase is huge. I think Azure shouldn't deprecate the old plans, otherwise we have to move to Amazon AWS just because we can't afford it.

  • Jason commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Preview pricing for P3 is currently $3720 or $7.44 per GB. This seems very expensive.

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