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provide the ability to associate multiple existing MSDN subscriptions in a single Azure instance.

Our dilemma is this, we have 5 existing MSDN subscriptions with monthly Azure credits totaling $400. We have a couple of projects we are looking to run in development on the Azure platform. In the current Azure environment, I can only add new MSDN subscriptions to an Azure instance, I cannot add multiple existing MSDN subscriptions to the instance. I do not want to have to create multiple development Azure accounts, this would be inefficient. Even if credits cannot be pooled, it would be nice to be able to associate multiple existing MSDN subscriptions (and their credits) to a single Azure instance, and then be able to assign different subscriptions to different Azure services to draw the credits from.

In the current setup if we go over our usage in development in our single instance, we will be charged even when we have credits sitting on the shelf from other MSDN licenses.

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Thanks for the feedback, but the MSDN benefit is designed to allow individual developers to enhance their skills or enable dev/test scenarios. It’s not intended to be pooled across an organization.

A single account can have multiple MSDN Azure subscriptions, but that account would need to have multiple MSDN Azure benefits associated with it. One benefit only grants one subscription.

One option is for you to create a Pay-As-You-Go subscription under your Azure account and contact Support to move the services under the MSDN subscriptions into the Pay-As-You-Go subscription. However, with this approach you’d lose the credits associated with the MSDN subscriptions.


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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My MSDN subscription is over my limit, and I wanted to switch to a Free Plan temporarily. I cannot switch to a "Free Plan" as I get an error Failed to update App Service plan ServicePlan: The subscription '***' is disabled and therefore marked as read only. You cannot perform any write actions on this subscription until it is re-enabled.

    In order to remove the spending limit, I get the message, "By choosing this option, I authorize Microsoft to charge my current payment method on a monthly basis for the amounts indicated in the Rate Plan until my subscription is canceled or terminated."

    Well since I already have MSDN, I don't want to also spend my own money when I just want to switch to a free plan. I do understand requiring this for any other paid plan, but switching to a Free Plan until the end of the cycle should not require entering of a Credit card.

  • Strongminds commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We have been in contact with Azure and MSDN support to ask if we could pool / aggregate / stack our per-user MSDN credits.

    We can not as the credits are, well, per-user as it is today.

    We suggest the per-user credits could/should be managed by the company (us) and be made poolable for small companies like ours as this will provide an opportunity to learn Azure better.

    We are ok with it being for dev/test only.

    Oh, and one more thing - we are of course paying MS an obscene amount of money for the MSDN subscriptions so we think it would only be fair to have this as a courtesy from their side :-)

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