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Allow us to alias the subsciption name from within the Azure Portal

The Azure Portal currently lists the subscription names in their raw, original format. And, while, in terms of the subscription itself, these represent billing boundaries for Azure...they "can" also represent other logical boundary-containers, as well. As such, I would like to be able to alias each subscription in order to make separating object creation into their logical boundaries a "no brainer".

Example 1:
I have 2 subscriptions. In one, I put VNets, VM's, Service Buses and other things that I see as common or more "architectural" in nature. In another, I put Web Sites, Cloud Services and databases that I see as more "instance" related. If I could alias the subscription name, I wouldn't have to "stop and think" about where I am putting things.

Example 2:
Other folks would probably desire to gather-up objects under their billing boundary names themselves: Upstream vs Downstream, North America vs South America. And so on...

Now, there may already be a way to rename the subscription's themselves. However, those names may make sense from a corporate or accounting sense...but not an Azure Fabric standpoint.

As such, I would like to be able to alias the subscription name from with Azure ONLY...without affecting the original subscription name (itself).

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under review  ·  Michael Flanakin responded  · 

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you can rename subscriptions from the Account portal today. It sounds like you need a better way to organize your resources, tho. We’ll look into this.


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    It is very difficult by Visual Studio to create a new azure service if you have multiple accounts (co-admin) as they have same name z.B: BizSaprk, pay-as-you-go...
    It would be very nice if I can name a account in the management portal.

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