How can we improve Azure Signup and Billing?

Make subscription cost/billing management transparently and easily transferable.

**The case** :
Trying to switch from Pay-as-you-go to a dealer – COMPAREX AG.
The process is tedious and slow and at the end I arrive with a lot of questions regarding the safety of the transfer of all the resource groups of production applications! See here for an example :

**What is needed as a solution** - Instead of forcing the users to move around production environments with tons of configuration - apps, permissions, Azure AD, individual IAMs, etc. - in order to switch to another payment model, just make the payment and cost/billing management underneath transferable!

Nobody guarantees that nothing will blow up during the transfer. To the contrary you can be sure from the example above that this is not safe.

And all this for the sake of switching the payment model.

I am sure that MS has the brains and the capacity to implement this and save to the resellers and users thousands of hours wasted in vain in problem solving.

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    Additionally you can find here

    a note saying the same thing regarding Azure Functions with managed identity in AD (If I am not totally wrong) :

    Managed identities for App Service and Azure Functions will not behave as expected if your app is migrated across subscriptions/tenants. The app will need to obtain a new identity, which can be done by disabling and re-enabling the feature. See Removing an identity below. Downstream resources will also need to have access policies updated to use the new identity.

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