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mySQL inconsistant experience, borderline awful

First, the MySQL databases I have aren't showing up in the classic portal...but are in the preview portal. I can't upgrade my MySQL database subscription to another plan from the preview portal, and there is no link or way for me to access ClearDB's own site so I can manage it from there. When I try to go straight to ClearDB's own website and attempt to manage it, it says "this email is already in use" when I use the database u/p from Azure.

When I try to create a new MySQL from the preview portal it always fails to deploy. The MySQL addition (without it being attached to a CMS) seems to have been removed completely from the old portal.

In short, I can't upgrade the databases I have, and I can't create new databases. It's really frustrating. I've never had a MySQL experience this bad before. Please fix these problems and host and manage your own MySQL instead of leaning on ClearDB. The experience and lack of continuity is embarrassingly bad for an otherwise top of its class platform like Azure.

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  • Dean Goddard commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Josh I feel your pain, but there is a link in the preview portal on the toolbar "Manage Database" that will jump you into ClearDB. And no you can't login in with your human credentials directly into ClearDB - it MUST be via this button in the MySQL blade.

    Having said all this - I totally agree with you in regards to the disjointedness of the overall experience. My first reaction was 'yuk'.

    My other complaint is that it's not clearly labelled that ClearDB is a mandatory requirement to having an open source (kinda feels free to me) MySQL db on Azure. And it's amazing how quickly the database fills up to 20MB which is when ClearDB start charging.

    While ClearDB adds some features to MySQL that is expected of an Azure database, it would be nice if ClearDB was fully handled by Azure, and invoiced or managed separately. It's not like we have the option to /not/ have ClearDB for MySQL or use an alternative to ClearDB. Azure should take care of the billing and management, and then can advertise MySQL for Azure (Powered by ClearDB) as a feature packed product, all the while keeping ClearDB's management portal a hidden feature.

  • Azure Feedback commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I will echo that it is impossible to create a MySQL Database from the preview portal, and I haven't since May of last year. It's such a terrible experience that I've just given up on this.

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