What additional services should Azure provide?

Provide cloud native PaaS/Serverless solution for Event Store database with all the guarantees required by (ES/CQRS)


It's quite challenging exercise to implement reliable and scalable database for Event Store using CosmosDB.
The problem is retrieving the events in the same order as they were inserted and ensure the order never changes.

Imagine scenario, where CosmosDB (SQL API for example) is partitioned and Events are being written concurrently to multiple partitions.

How do I write following cross partition query?

> Give me documents newer than <some timestamp>, so that it always returns documents in the same order.

As far as I understand it can easily happen, that the same query will return:

[Partition1/Doc1, Partition1/Doc2]

and a milisecond later:

[Partition1/Doc1, Partition2/Doc3, Partition1/Doc1]

The deterministic order is very important for the event handlers (e.g denormalizers in Query stack (CQRS)), so that when I replay the events I will get the same state and when handling them in real time.


a) provide some example on how to implement EventStore using current Azure services (simmilar to "a CQRS Journey", but focused on infrastructure rather than domain modeling)
b) create new product more suitable for Event Sourcing / CQRS applications. There is EventStore product from Greg Young, but it requires VM which doesn't make it suitable for PaaS/Serverless.


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