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Azure Active Directory

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  1. Include Azure AD Identity Protection with Azure AD Free

    I believe Azure AD Identity Protection should be included with Azure AD Free edition.

    It comes with Azure AD Premium P2 edition and i'm checking out the features for our 20000+ users but the cost will be extremely prohibitive.

    In Free edition there are cut down reports which don't provide any real details on detected risk events. Surely it's in everyones interest to make freely available all features which allow detection, investigation and remediation of potential vulnerabilities affecting identities.

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    Unfortunately, it is not in the direction of the product to give full Identity Protection to free customers as this is a premium (P2) feature. We do provide some limited reports to give basic risk information for non-P2 customers, but full Identity Protection is and will remain a premium (P2) feature.

  2. Azure AD password protection

    Add the possibility when using the Azure AD Password Protection feature that if you would ban the word "Contoso" as a password that also varations to this word or sentinces with this word are forbidden. For example "Contoso 2018" or "Contoso is great".

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    The private preview version of password protection explicitly banned entries that were on the global and custom banned password lists. Feedback early on was that users were having an incredibly difficult time configuring passwords. Password protection was then moved to a points based algorithm to strike a balance between security and usability. The current algorithm blocks a wide variety of weak passwords while giving users enough flexibility to configure a strong password

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