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Application Management In Access Panel

There are some issues, with the way apps are presented to the users in the access panel, this would bring the access panel experience up to par with equivalent 3rd party application portal apps.

1. Please allow the administrative removal of any O365 application from a group of users in their Access Panel Application, even if they are licensed for a O365 product we dont necessarily want to have it display on a users access panel. e.g. Delve - we dont want the user to not have Delve access but we dont necessarily want the app linked on their access panel.

2. I know this has been suggested before, but I want to reiterate, allow a user and administratively the organization of apps in to folders,

3. Be able to define whether an application is available from inside or outside of network, and remove (or display) applications depending on whether the user is inside or outside of the network.

4. Allow a user to remove app from their panel even if administratively assigned, and allow a user to add that app back from list.

5. On self service groups and applications, be able to administratively define who should be able to add the app from self-service. e.g. If I allow an app to be selected from self service, then I want to be able to limit who can add the app from self-service.


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Thanks so much for the feedback! Customizations of the My Apps portal for both end users and admins are on our roadmap. This includes providing the ability to re-arrange and group apps and as well as using a customizable domain.

We’ve also recently add a few new features to allow you to better manage the visibility of apps on My Apps. You can now hide specific third party applications and as well as the set of Office applications. Learn more about it here:

Please keep sharing feedback and ideas!


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    Any updates on the above? I am looking at setting up multiple (50+) non-gallery applications in Azure Enterprise Applications but need the ability to group the Apps into folders so its easier to navigate for my internal staff. Its now over a year on from the above comment and the Apps portal still does not have this feature

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