How can we improve Azure CDN?

standardize azure cdn offerings

Currently I know that Azure provides CDNs from different vendors on the standard layer. There are three types of CDNs, as follows:

S1 standard Verizon
S2 standard Akamai
S3 Standard Microsoft (Preview)

Each offers different functions

But at the moment, our test has the best effect in the target area of ​​our products with Akamai's CDN effect, but
Akamai does not support custom domain HTTPS features
Microsoft does not support cache rules
Verizon has all the above features, but the CDN effect is the least desirable in the target area of ​​our products.

I am interested to know if the commonly used functions in the above functions will be standardise in the future, as the price for the three services are the same.

Many thanks in advance~

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started  ·  Anton Kucer [MSFT] responded  · 

We are targeting to have parity across all standard SKU’s. Cache rules for Microsoft and HTTPS Custom Domain support are all targeted to be available later this year.

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    Hello, what the current state of this. In this thread MS wrote with end of this year. Nothing happens. This is really a NoGo for Azure CDN

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