How can we improve Azure Media Services?

Download option

Provide the option to download the medial content with most common choice of formats.

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Harish Suhanda shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Azure Media Player is a web based player that plays-back streaming content from Azure Media Services. As an web application developer you can choose to expose Download URLs to your customers for the full MP4 content (which you can get the URL from Azure Media Services). Downloading the content is outside the context of Azure Media Player.

Did you mean offline playback (different scenario)?


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  • James Hancock commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The scenario where this would be used:

    Mobile applications
    Desktop Applications
    UWP applications

    All with offline support.

    We should be able to download the video and playback in a microsoft video player with full content encryption and it should be locked to the device that downloaded it (i.e. the video player on each platform should support getting key information to send up to Azure for the download and Azure should encrypt it dynamically for that machine so that it's only playable on that machine.

    In a perfect world this would be controllable by us based on a token that we generate (i.e. the user enters a CD key in the application and the video is encrypted based on the CD key and the other part of the pair that we generate and pre-provided to you in the encryption process) so that we can distribute DVDs and thumbsticks that are locked down with the video encrypted on it and it will play back after the user registers the CD key.

    Basically think of the scenario of Windows Media Center and recording content encrypted streams from a Cable provider. I should be able to do the same thing and distribute encrypted content that can be unlocked but only with the CD Key and the token from us. (We would likely provide 4 tokens that would work with the CD Key to you so that any of those 4 could work so that the user could install it on up to 4 machines.)

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