How can we improve Azure Media Services?

Provide facility to add attributes to files being stored via Media Services to be able to locate these files.

When we send any file to media service it is kind of depending upon either the file name or the response back from Media Service (i.e. the URL to access the blob). There is no way to associate properties / attributes to file while uploading so that neither response back is needed nor file name is important. It would be good to provide a way to add properties to file and then later search on those attributes.

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under review  ·  Nick Drouin responded  · 

Hi Navin,

I’ve moved your question to the Media Services (WAMS) section of UserVoice.

Today, we do not offer a Content Management System (CMS) as an integral component of the Media Services Platform as a Service. We are engaged with existing CMS platform providers to build on top of WAMS. A CMS will typically offer file and asset level metadata storage, searchability, indexing, cross-referencing and web-page-content generation (think online video galleries).

We have anticipated external CMS, and eventually integrated CMS services. To accommodate, we have designed in the IAsset.AlternateId property. The goal of this text string is for an external CMS to put their table-key into the AlternateId, that way, they can query:
var theAsset = cloudMediaContext.Assets.Where(a => a.AlternateId == “SomeKeyGuid_FromTheCMS”).FirstOrDefault();

The workflow is to use the CMS to find the file(s) or Asset via the metadata stored in the CMS, then find the cross-referenced asset in WAMS via the query above.

At this time, we do not offer AlternateId on each AssetFile object, only the Asset. The thought was that AssetFile was discoverable through the Asset.

At this time, I will flag this idea as ‘Under-Review’ This will allow other users to continue to vote up the idea of an integrated CMS system.
Meanwhile, use AlternateId as the mechanism to attach an Asset to an external metadata DB.


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    Hi Nick,
    the link go to admin count of uservoice (


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